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February 09, 2005



i thought the pink fabric kara saun suggested putting over jay's shirt was funky and cool and looked good. whatever people. it mgiht have looked fine without it too, though, or another solid fabric altogether so the focus was really on the skirt. i did think ks should have left the dress without the pants and it would have made a stronger impression. i'm glad jay and kara saun are in the final three. so it looks like they have a bitchfest akin to surreal life's "dirty laundry with sally jesse raphael" slated for next week... and then the big runway show the week after that? or what?

yeah, austin handled himself pretty well. he know what's good for himself in the long run, whereas wendy -- who'll want to work with her (except on another realty TV show)? she's probably even alienated some of her regular customers OR they're feel extra loyal to her b/c of how she's being misrepresented on the TV show.

so -- when do they do those interviews where thye talk about what just happened? often they're wearing the same outfits -- like, after a day of shooting they ask them to go back and recount the experiences of the day? trying ot decide on that one.


Sorry, but I think everyone ganged up too much on Wendy. Vanessa was the big loser in my eyes!!!! Project Runway was a competition and all wanted to win. I think the show will help most anyway. I like Wendy's work personally. I also loved Kara and Jay. NOT Austin!!!!!!!!!

Wendy's Neighbor

Many who actually know Wendy know she's not quite the bitch she's being made out to be. But you better believe that the show has exposed her personality (nice at first, but aloof once you're not useful). It's an almost perfect example of the narcissistic personality as described in the terrific book about narcissism "Why Is It Always About You". Unfortunately, Wendy just doesn't get the fact that we all have to live and work in this tiny world together. Her industry approach (ignoring the importance of developing professional relationships and doing anthing to get ahead) will in fact be her biggest hurdle to ever realizing her potential. I can't help believe that Bravo has nurtured her 'bitchiness' to increase their audience...because she should have been booted after third episode.
And unfortunately for Wendy, and the rest of us, the only option she now has for career advancement is going outside of the circles she currently relies on for business, and playing on her bitchiness the way Bravo has.
One last thing...there's NO QUESTION in my mind that she's the one that defaced the picture of her daughter. That's the way she thinks. Too bad, cause she has real talent and can turn on the charm when she wants...but she isn't trustworthy.


Well, I actually agree with Richard a little bit on the Wendy v. Vanessa issue. I thought the "intervention" with Wendy was uncomfortable and exceeded even MY capacity for schadenfreude. And Vanessa's warrantless personal attacks on Wendy led to a heel turn for Vanessa and, even if just by comparison, a face turn for Wendy. Also, WN, if Wendy really did deface that picture was an Oscar-worthy performance because I really believed that she was upset.

I do agree that she should have been booted straight away. The only time she does well is when it's straight up pastiche, like the BR dress (which I thought was really unremarkable and far inferior to several other contestants' entries).


wednesday's Project Runway was like watching the Surreal Life's "Dirty Laundry with Sally Jesse Raphael" ... or Springer, for that matter -- everyone's in the ring. I was surprised that Vanessa showed up and acted like the ex-New Kid on last season's Surreal Life -- all bitter and grouchy and reluctant that he was there, to make you wonder "why did you agree to do this?"

the ganging up is like an awkward lunchtime moment in middle school. you know somebody is going to tell somebody off and someone will lose it. it looked like Heidi was enjoying asking the questions, but didn't like being impersonated.


oh my god. i hate wendy pepper. my least favorite was originally daniel franco because he was incredibly pretentious but since he was off'd in the first episode, my dislike of him had little time to kindle. now he's just that annoying yet hilarious weirdo that they only show for a few moments at a time whereupon he talks about how much he loves kara saun. unfortunately, this is not the case with wendy pepper. as some of you have said, she should've been eliminated long ago, yet due to her admittedly contrived mother role, finding other players weaknesses and sabotaging them in front of the judges, she has managed to hold on. poor wendy though, project runway may indeed have been a competition and she chose to fight dirty to keep her head afloat. the poor thing wasn't looking at the big picture. the show was a way to get her, and her designs on television. advertising her name, style, and personality. yeah, she made it to the top three but how many clients are going to choose to work with that cold backstabber. we know she had to rely on getting rid of other people instead of her own skill. she's sealed her own deal.

it's weird how i get so worked up about, a television show. damn you pepper!!!


I liked Wendy just fine. She was straight up competing from the beginning. And acted like an adult...which is more than the other allegedly adult people on the show did. Truly, the rest of the whole batch of competitors other than Austin (a true gentleman) acted like spoiled entitled children. Daniel Franco and Starr were the two that designed most poorly and were the MOST irritating, and went early on. Thank God.

Telling the truth about the non-leading of two leaders was what Wendy did. God forbid someone be truthful. Austin just did not seem to be comfortable steering people around, which is ok, not all are meant to lead. Kevin...well, I work with children and I've seen less wishy-washy behavior in people under 10. I wonder why BOTH times Wendy was put in the position to comment on leadership? Everyone on his team was asked about Austin. Not Kevin. And,Hello, it WAS A COMPETITION!! Kara Saun was nice in the beginning and got increasingly bitchy as the show went on. The shoes thing put the final stiletto in her coffin as far as I was concerned. Thinks she is above the rules. Her designs are very interesting,but very, very similar (what is it with her and the OPEN WIDE cleavage thing on all the things she does that aren't jackets?)

And if you read body language at all, rewatch the "chat" episode they did...Kevin painted on her daughter's face. And lied. Squirming in chair, shifting focus with eyes, no eyecontact much at all. No doubt. Passive aggressive.
I'm glad it's all over for them, since after all, they are all human beings,and it looked like it was pretty gruelling from start to finish. Who I truly thought would win was cut by Michael Kors...Alexandra. Consistant designs that looked good and some could be worn by more that no-chested women (not Kara Saun)


Yeah, Wendy was real "straight" from the beginning. Like stating that she was a "mother" and she planned to use that to identify people's weaknesses and then exploit them!

If you watch the early shows, the other contestants seemed relieved Wendy was on the show, and that as a more mature woman, and a mother, they wouldn't have to worry about her being catty or a head-case.

It was strictly Wendy's behavior that brought the turnaround in how everyone saw Wendy.

IF you held any other artistic competition, from oil painting to web design, it would come down to the individual and the canvas before them, and the work they could create.

Who else might be involved would have NOTHING to do with it. The winner would be victorious based on their artistic creation alone.

Unfortunately, Wendy is a seamstress and not a designer...she doesn't have an artistic bone in her body.

That's why it was necessary for her to act like this was "The Apprentice" or "Survivor", and try and manipulate and backstab everyone else. No one else ever complained about the skills of their team leader, because they knew as artists that such belittling of others would not enhance their artistic abilities.

Wendy had no such abilities, which is why Tim Gunn was continually having to ride to the rescue to save her from herself. Wendy NEVER would have won those two tasks if Tim hadn't urged substantial corrections in her designs, which she was smart enough to listen to. But, in the real world she'll have no Tim Gunn to save her from her own instincts and pallid sense of style.


I really hated Wendy at first, but began to admire her tenacity to keep going in spite of much worse behavior on almost ALL of the contestants part toward her.You just don't outright WIN two of the challenges if you have NO talent. And I'm sorry, but if you think for a minute that her strategies had ANY effect on the judges, you're crazy. The two times she was accused of back stabbing, she was forced into HAVING to say something negative by the question put to her. I notice no one was angry with Austin for slamming Vanessa. And good for Wendy for sticking by her guns in regards to her comments about Kevin. He WAS a horrible leader. His whole demeanor comes across like a frightened child. Head down, meek, mousy voice, not looking people in the eyes. It was a VALID criticism that she was forced into opining. And what a HYPOCRITE Kara Saun turned out to be. Such a moral lady. So above it all. And when she gets busted, she tries to sneak in a fake receipt?! And even then she still managed to get those illegal shoes into the show. Kinda like a slimy lawyer who makes sure the jury hears testimony that he knows is going to be stricken from the record.I wonder if Baby Doll Shoes is going to work with her again? She really didn't make them look too good, either.I'll be interested to see if Wendy can continue to grow as a designer. I agree she was last. Her collection didn't have any direction. But did you notice that she gave Jay his props for being a good designer? Didn't back stab him at all. Hmmm. Oh, and did anyone notice that the ONLY person to interfere with a design was Kara Saun? She "helped" Jay to make his Grammy dress better. Funny, how the part of the dress that was criticized by the judges was the the top that Kara Saun interfered with. Looks like someone else "is going to need their soul one day" too, sweetie.

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